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Under this section, different suppliers of products and solutions for the smart home are described, along with a selection of specific products from these

This part of the smart home page provides an overview of suppliers/products, sorted alphabetically. I have tried to cover a broad range of companies and products, but will never aim to provide complete and comprehensive overviews of manufacturers or their products. This is due to several reasons; this is a very dynamic market with products being launched, withdrawn, or updated all the time, it is also a highly global market where many products either only work or are sold in certain regions, especially products that are made for 110 vs. 220 volts. In the beginning, I covered products that are sold or work in Europe and left out stuff that only works in North America. Later, I decided to include also these, so readers will have to figure out whether a specific product will work where they are.

And I am sure that many will see and be irritated by the fact that I favor products compatible with Apple Home. This is not something I try to hide; I am fully entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, but most of what I write about will work perfectly well on other platforms as well, and we do also have an Amazon Echo in the house.