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Outdoor Shed

On this page, I present the actual solutions installed in the outdoor shed of our smart home, with links to specific products used and how these have been set up

This room contains solutions for the following systems (notice that on phones, the table might only be displayed in landscape mode):

System Type Components
  • IKEA Trådfri motion sensor

  • IKEA Trådfri E27 smart bulb

  • Philips Hue E27 smart bulb

Climate Control None
Home Entertainment


Security and Alarm


Pet Care None
Control and Automation


Description of the solutions in this room

In the outdoor shed, a wall lamp with a traditional bulb had been installed and using a manual wall switch, see picture below. The bulb is now replaced by a Philips Hue E27 smart bulb. This light bulb has been attempted controlled by various door sensors, from Eve, Aeotec, Aqara, and Neo Coolcam, but all had problems with staying connected and updating the status (probably because this shed is far away from all the base stations and has a brick wall to the house). We therefore now have a an IKEA Trådfri motion sensor, which works well, with the light turning on/off as needed, and also allows being in the shed with the door closed and the light still on (which the door sensor solution did not facilitate).

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IKEA Trådfri motion sensor controls the lights in this shed

This shed is quite long and the lamp by the door did not provide much light at the far end. When an IKEA Trådfri smart bulb became available we got a portable work lamp and put the bulb in this. Normally the lamp hang from the rafter by the back wall of the shed, see picture below, but if needed it can also be moved around in the shed.

Portable work lamp with a smart IKEA bulb

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Strictly speaking, there are more components physically located in the outdoor shed, of the smart plug variety, but these are used to control outdoor lights and are therefore described under outdoor.

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The devices in the outdoor shed