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Selected products from this vendor are presented on this page, with my assessments where I have personal experiences to share. The links are primarily directed to the vendor’s own pages, in English; for local pages/prices you will have to conduct your own search.

About the vendor and its products

Koogeek is a manufacturer that is continuously extending it selection of products for smart homes (and also for “smart health”). Not all the products are readily available for purchase in Europe, but can easily be ordered from China. Relevant products for European conditions are:

  • Smart light bulbs, where it seems only the LB1 Bulb, with a somewhat different shape than what many others producers offer, has a socket, E27, suitable for European lamps

  • Smart light socket, SK1 Socket, that allows any E27 bulb to be remotely controlled

  • Smart light strip, LS1 Light Strip, which is a bit cheaper than some of the competitors’ alternatives, but which comes only with a USB plug, meaning you need a USB-to-power outlet plug yourself

  • Smart power outlets, both a smart plug, P1EU Plug, and a smart power strip, O1EU Outlet, with the latter featuring three regular power outlets, that can be controlled individually, and three USB A outlets (which are not possible to control remotely)

  • Smart switches and dimmers, both in versions with one or two switches in the same panel (KH01CN Light Switch, KH02CN Light Switch, KH03CN Dimmer, and DM02CN Dimmer Switch)

  • Sensors, per now a door/window sensor, DW1 Door & Window Sensor, and an indoor air quality sensor, A1 Environment Monitor

  • In addition, a finger-print controlled padlock is presented on the web pages, L3 Fingerprint Lock, but I have so far not found this for sale anywhere 

As most other manufacturers of this type of products, also Koogeek offers its own Koogeek app to control the devices. They are also compatible with Apple Home, and most of them also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Our experiences

We have a small number of products from Koogeek, see more specific experiences in the table below, and are mostly very pleased with these. They are easy to install and set up and only very rarely have there been cases where one of them have become disconnected, but what is annoying is that I am constantly being logged out of the Koogeek app and must log in again.

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Component Room Experiences

Smart plug


This smart plug communicates using Wifi and thus therefore not require a separate base station. However, it has proven somewhat unstable and can sometimes lose network connection, so it has therefore been taken out of use. However, tt is quite small and therefore takes up little space by the power outlet, and it has a small, discrete green light that shows when it is turned on. In addition, it provides power consumption information for connected devices.

Smart power strip

Uninstalled Like the smart plug, this also works without any base station. And this is truly a versatile product; it has three regular power outlets that can be controlled independently of each other. Furthermore, it has three USB A outlets, which allows charging various devices, but these cannot be remotely controlled. For the power outlets, energy consumption is measured. This power strip works as it should and allows controlling three devices and still only occupying one wall outlet, which is useful if you have few outlets available. But like the smart plug, it quite frequently would lose its connection so it has been replaced by a similar product from Namron, which uses Zigbee.

Smart dimmer switch

Uninstalled This was the very first smart light switch we installed and it solved a problem where this wall switch controls a power outlet where a string of spot lights are connected, but it still allows dimming the spots. Since a dimmer constantly sends a small amount of current through the circuit, there is no need for a neutral lead, and like the two products mentioned above, it requires no separate base station. The switch looks good and it uses small lights to indicate that the switch is being pressed. Unfortunately it stopped working after a couple of years and there is no response from customer service, so I would definitely not recommend buying this dimmer.

Notice that on phones, the table might only display in landscape mode