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Selected products from this vendor are presented on this page, with my assessments where I have personal experiences to share. The links are primarily directed to the vendor’s own pages, in English; for local pages/prices you will have to conduct your own search.

About the vendor and its products

Cygnett is an Australian company making a wide range of consumer electronics products, including some components for the smart home, and not only for the Australian market. The products include (notice that not all of these can be used in all parts of the world):

  • Base station, Smart Hub & IR Remote Control, which is partly required to connect some of the components, but partly also represents a quite unique solution in that it can control products that use an "old-fashioned" remote control based on IR, like air conditioners, audio/video products, etc.

  • Smart bulbs:

    • With white light and respectively E27 socket and B22 socket

    • With white light and respectively E27 socket and B22 socket

  • Smart plug, Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Monitoring, which also gives information about power consumption

  • Various sensors (all require the base station):

    • Door and window sensrr, Smart Window & Door Sensor

    • Temperature/humidity sensor, Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    • Motion sensor, Smart Motion Sensor

  • Smart switch/remote control, Smart Control Button, which can be programmed with three actions (also this requires the base station)

There is a dedicated Cygnett Smart app for connecting and controlling the devices, but there is also support for Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Our experiences

We have no experiences with products from this vendor.