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Selected products from this vendor are presented on this page, with my assessments where I have personal experiences to share. The links are primarily directed to the vendor’s own pages, in English; for local pages/prices you will have to conduct your own search.

About the vendor and its products

Wyze is an American company that started by introducing a very reasonable smart camera, Wyze Cam. The product portfolio has been gradually expanded and per July 2019 spans:

  • Wyze Cam, a small surveillance camera with good spec despite a low price (notice that this is nearly identidcal to cameras sold by Xiaomi, which also produces the camera)

  • Wyze Cam Pan, which also offers panning so that one can see the whole room

  • Wyze Sense, two very small sensors, one for door/window and one for motion

  • Wyze Bulb, a smart light bulb (with E26 socket for the American market)

  • Wyze Lamp Socket, which is both a lamp socket that makes it possible to make a traditional bulb smarter and which also has a power outlet for a Wyze camera, which makes it easier to install such a camera without having to pull a dedicated power line there

  • In addition, there are some accessories for the cameras

The products are controlled using a dedicated Wyze App, but are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our experiences

We have no experiences with products from this vendor.