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Outer Hallway

On this page, I present the actual solutions installed in the outer hallway of our smart home, with links to specific products used and how these have been set up

This room contains solutions for the following systems (notice that on phones, the table might only be displayed in landscape mode):

System Type Components
  • Aqara motion sensor

  • Philips Hue E27 smart bulb

Climate Control
  • Heatmiser neoStat-e thermostat

Home Entertainment None
Security and Alarm
  • Aqara door sensor

  • Verisure control panel for the alarm system

  • Verisure door sensor

  • Yale Doorman smart door lock with Verisure module

Pet Care None
Control and Automation None

Description of the solutions in this room

Not in the least since the outer hallway is the main entrance into the house, it has far more technology than the physical dimensions of the room should imply. The lighting solutions is fairly uncomplicated, a Philips Hue E27 bulb in a ceiling lamp is combined with an Aqara motion sensor, see picture below.

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The ceiling lamp is controlled by several sensors, both the Aqara motion sensor here and the Hue motion sensor in the adjacent hallway as well as the Aqara door sensor for the front door

In addition, there is an Aqara door sensor monitoring the front door, in addition to a Verisure door sensor, which also triggers the light. The Verisure sensor also comes into HomeKit via Homebridge, but for a long time this was so unreliable that I installed “my own” sensor.

The Aqara sensor installed under the Verisure sensor

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In the Home app, the ceiling light is grouped together with two ceiling lights in the hallway adjacent to this room, so that these are synchronized in turning on/off. When entering the outer hallway from the outside, the light turns on based on the signal from the door and motion sensors, both the light in the outer hallway and the hallway beyond it, through the scene “Hallway Lights Daytime” (and off again after 15 minutes of inactivity), see screenshot below. If entering the outer hallway from the hallway, there is a Philips Hue motion sensor in that also triggers these lights.

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Here, the lights in the outer hallway and the hallway are grouped so that motion in the outer hallway turns on the lights in both rooms

The underfloor heating is controlled by yet one more Heatmiser neoStat-e thermostat, see picture below. In this room, there is no floor sensor underneath the tiles, but since the thermostat is in the same room as the heating system, the temperature readings can be done by the thermostat itself, without any external sensor.

Thermostat for the electric underfloor heating, where the temperature measurements are done by the thermostat itself

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The alarm system can be controlled manually from this room’s service panel, but it can also be controlled remotely from both the native Verisure app and the Home app through Homebridge. This works in that the status for the alarm system and its components can be seen in the Home app, as shown in the screenshot below, and changed here as well. The control panel for the alarm system is naturally located here, see picture below.

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The control panel for the Verisure system

When we started the investigations into a smart door lock, there was really only one feasible alternative available in the Norwegian market, the aforementioned Yale Doorman, and for us it was a great advantage that it could be purchased through the Verisure alarm company and be integrated into the alarm system, see picture below. The lock can be programmed to be opened using a keyfob, keyfob + code, or only code, and you can also choose whether it should lock automatically when closing the door. We purchased the lock with installation included, but we had to go a few rounds of adjustments by the installation guy since the lock wouldn’t work properly in different weather conditions. In the end, I had to buy a different type of box staple myself before this worked as intended. With the Verisure module installed, it also shows up in HomeKit.

Yale Doorman smart door lock and Netatmo smart video doorbell (see more about this under Outdoor)

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The door can be opened/closed through the Verisure app, but via Homebridge, it also appears in the Home app, as shown in the screenshot below. The lock can be opened/closed in both apps. Otherwise, the experiences with this door lock are good, but I did keep eyeing the more recently launched locks that are HomeKit compatible, e.g., from Danalock. But after I got the lock into the Home app, I can also open it using Siri commands, which is most practical.

In the Home app, the devices are shown as seen below.

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In the Home app, the different devices in this room are shown, including the alarm system
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