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Tool Shed

On this page, I present the actual solutions installed in the tool shed of our smart home, with links to specific products used and how these have been set up

This room contains solutions for the following systems (notice that on phones, the table might only be displayed in landscape mode):

System Type Components
  • Aqara door sensor

  • Philips Hue E27 smart bulb

  • Shelly 1 smart relay switch mounted in a Shelly Button

Climate Control None
Home Entertainment


Security and Alarm
  • Aqara vibration sensor

Pet Care None
Control and Automation


Description of the solutions in this room

This was for a long time a place on our property without any smart technology, partly because there was no electric power in this shed. The only real need was light, and for some time, the solution was the same battery-powered LED light strip installed in kitchen cabinets. The only downside of this product is that the batteries don’t last that long, thus often required replacing when light is actually needed.

We therefore ran a power cable to the shed, both to allow installing proper light there, but also to be able to put an extra outdoor light on the outside of the shed and get a power outlet here. We had an old wall lamp lying around, and the thought was to put an old-fashioned light bulb in this and control the light using a smart relay switch. I had already acquired a Shelly 1 relay, originally to install behind a traditional wall switch, but since this was a 2-pole switch, that didn't work. Since Shelly also sells something called a Shelly Button, which in reality is nothing more than a housing for the relay that turns it into a clickable button, which can also be remotely controlled, it would work well with the lamp, see picture below. I did, however, test the button for some time before power made it into the shed, and this quickly revealed that the relay often went offline. This might be caused by its location in a basement storage room, men I feared it would continue to be unstable and I have therefore also installed a spare Philips Hue smart bulb, see picture below.

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Wall lamp with Hue smart bulb, which can also be controlled using a Shelly 1/Button

The light is controlled using an Aqara door sensor, see picture below, with a simple automation that turns the light on when the door is opened and off again when it is closed. To begin with, this is done by turning on/off the Shelly switch, but if it keeps losing internet connection, I will change this to turning on/off the bulb instead.

Aqara dørsensor styrer lyset i boden, and Aqara vibration sensor to warn if someone tries to open the tool shed door

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Having purchased a 3-pack of Aqara vibration sensors, of which two were intended for installation on screen doors to warn about attempts at opening these without us being present, it turned out there was no easy way to affix these to the doors. Therefore, one of the sensor was repurposed and fitted on the door to the outdoor tool shed (wrapped in plastic to guard against moisture), see picture below. We have had a couple of cases where someone has attempted to get into the shed and this will warn about such events should it happen again.

Altogether, this gives the following room view for the tool shed:

The devices in the shed

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