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On this page, I present the actual solutions installed in the attic of our smart home, with links to specific products used and how these have been set up

This room contains solutions for the following systems (notice that on phones, the table might only be displayed in landscape mode):

System Type Components
  • 2 IKEA Trådfri control outlets

  • IKEA Trådfri motion sensor

Climate Control
  • Aqara temperature and humidity sensor

Home Entertainment None
Security and Alarm


Pet Care None
Control and Automation None

Description of the solutions in this room

The attic for a long time had very little technology. Since there were no power outlets up there, a battery-powered LED light strip was installed. Having a built-in motion sensor, it responded quickly when opening the attic hatch, and it provided a fair amount of light, but with frequent use the batteries had to be replaced/recharged fairly often.After having had electricians round to install a power outlet in the attic, we could upgrade the lighting here. Since we already had a lamp (with a LED tube, see picture below) here, with a long power cord to connect it to a power outlet in the library (where the attic hatch is), I went with smart plugs. Since the IKEA Trådfri control outlets are the cheapest plugs you can find and since they integrate into HomeKit, I went with a couple of these. These control the mentioned LED tube lamp as well as an old set of spot lights we mounted in the other end of the attic, see picture below. In addition, I used a IKEA Trådfri motion sensor to trigger the light upon opening the attic hatch.

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Attic light connected to Trådfri smart plug and controlled by a Trådfri motion sensor

Spotlights connected to Trådfri smart plug

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There is also an Aqara temperature and humidity sensor here. We strictly have no pressing need to know the temperature in the attic, but since we store various pieces of old electronics there, it is good to know if it gets too cold. The sensor is very small and was easily fixed to a beam. The measurements appear in the Home app, see screenshot below.

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The Aqara sensor that measures temperature and humidity

In the Home app, the attic screen shows the lights and the sensors

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