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Selected products from this vendor are presented on this page, with my assessments where I have personal experiences to share. The links are primarily directed to the vendor’s own pages, in English; for local pages/prices you will have to conduct your own search.

About the vendor and its products

After having originally been called Elgato and using the brand name Eve, the company has now been renamed Eve Systems. After some changes in branding, the smart home products are now labeled Eve Home. Here, we find some different categories of products (with new ones continuously being added):

Etter å opprinnelig ha vært kalt Elgato med merkenavnet Eve, er selskapet nå omdøpt Eve Systems. Etter noe endring av merkevare og profilering er smarthjem-produktene nå plassert under navnet Eve Home. Her finnet det flere kategorier av produkter (og det lanseres stadig nye):

  • Devices for climate monitoring and control, like Eve Room, Eve Degree and Eve Thermo

  • Lighting products, like the light sources Eve Flare and Eve Lightstrip

  • Products for controlling lights (and other types of systems), like the switch Eve Light Switch, the smart plug Eve Energy, the smart power strip Eve Energy Strip, and the wireless Eve Button

  • Different types of sensors, like Eve Motion, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Smoke

  • Solution for controlling garden watering, Eve Aqua

  • A Bluetooth extender, Eve Extend, that can expand the range of a Bluetooth network

  • Eve Water Guard, a product that monitors the house to detect water leaks. In contrast to traditional leak sensors, which only perform spot detection, the attached 2 m sensor (can be expanded) allows monitoring a larger area (for sale from February 2020)

  • Eve Cam, an indoor security camera said to be the first designed from scratch to support HomeKit Secure Video (for sale from April 2020)

As I have mentioned several places when describing our installed solutions, there is also an Eve app, which in some areas offers richer functionality than most other similar apps, including the Home app. This is especially true in the area of more advanced programming based on the logic of trigger-condition-action. In terms of compatibility, Eve has chosen a strategy where most of the products, at least per now, support HomeKit.

Our experiences

In our house, we have several Eve products, see more specific experiences in the table below. Generally, we are most satisfied with eve and I have had much utility from the sometimes unique opportunities offered by the eve app.

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Component Room Experiences

Eve Energy smart plug x 3

Living room

The experiences with these smart plugs were generally good and they offer power consumption information. However, after some time, they started to be less reliable and would need restarting. Two of them have therefore now been taken out of “active service” and are only used during Christmas to control Christmas lights.

Door and window sensor


As for the door sensor, we had more issues with this becoming unavailable, but I suspect this was due to its initial location being in the outdoor shed (this device uses Bluetooth for communication). After moving it closer, to a shoe closet, it works perfectly. Had we had the Eve Extend mentioned above, this would probably have worked better.